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The Top Gainesville Schools are all near Beautiful South Pointe Homes

Best Gainesville Homes near the Best Gainesville Schools

Here at South Pointe, one of our main concerns is that the families in our communities be provided for in all areas of life. To families thinking about making a home in Gainesville, we at South Pointe know that you cherish your children and work hard to secure their best in life, so South Pointe supports that endeavor by addressing your children’s needs alongside of you; particularly, their educational needs.

The prime location of South Pointe offers convenient accessibility to some of the best learning centers in the Gainesville, FL. area. Having to attend an inferior educational institute due to the geographical location of your home can be a serious detriment to your child’s future, but not having to worry about the quality level of the surrounding school systems is definitely a sizable relief to residents at South Pointe.

The academic conditions encompassing South Pointe contain a shining star in each category of instructional organizations. This list details the superior Gainesville schools that are well within reach of the South Pointe Community of Gainesville.

Gainesville Schools



This fun and innovative preschool has two facilities in the Gainesville area. The original, which opened in 1997, is located in Northwest Gainesville, and in 2006, KidWorks launched a flagship location at the Tioga Town Center. The preschool also completed a new high tech facility in 2009 that is dedicated exclusively to the APK program. KidWorks Preschool has a reputation for breaking ground, and not just the physical ground at a new site: the institution is a forerunner in educational technology. It is the first preschool in Gainesville to offer live Internet webcams in the classrooms, and a few years ago, the original campus received a total remodel and technology update. KidWorks is raising standards for curricula as well, as the school uses an accelerated, professionally prepared curriculum that provides a well-rounded learning experience for developing children.


Elementary School:

Hidden Oak Elementary

A sizable school enrolling students in Prekindergarten through 5th Grade, Hidden Oak Elementary School is a Gainesville school that works hard to educate young minds and prepare them for the road ahead. To ensure that each student possesses the skills necessary to succeed later in life, all grade levels at this particular Gainesville school are part of Just Read, Florida, a statewide reading strategy that emphasizes mastering the different aspects of reading and encourages every child to be able to read at or above grade level. The program seems to be paying off, as the reading scores of Hidden Oak students have been steadily improving in state evaluations. Hidden Oak Elementary School also makes sure that its students are developing their minds at a timely rate. The school incorporates a readiness-screening test into its kindergarten program, and in recent years, 98% or more of their students demonstrated satisfactory readiness to start school after completing kindergarten.


Middle School:

Ft. Clarke Middle School

As an example to its students, Fort Clarke Middle School of Gainesville is committed to constantly improving, and has been getting good marks at a regional level as a result. The state of Florida has awarded Fort Clarke twelve consecutive ‘A’ school grades, and they currently possess the highest accumulated points of any district middle school. Fort Clarke also houses several special programs that enable students to push themselves closer to success. They offer two different agendas of advanced instruction that emphasize research, collaboration, communication, and technology. Their Exceptional Student Education department challenges and motivates the development of students with special needs, and Fort Clarke is even part of the College Reach Out Program of Santa Fe College, an initiative assisting students from disadvantaged backgrounds in completing high school and being admitted into college.


High School:

Buchholz High School

F.W. Buchholz High School is a great last stop before college, and that is exactly what the school wants to be. Buchholz sends approximately 87% of its students to either a four-year or two-year college after graduation, and until then, it provides the maximum number of opportunities needed to prepare students for their post-secondary plans. With about twenty-four advanced placement courses and at least nineteen different honors courses, students are well-equipped to make the transition into continuing education, and with dozens of diverse athletic programs, activities, and clubs, high schoolers at F.W. Buchholz can also get really good at having fun.

Buchholz High School Gainesville, FL

Community College:

Santa Fe College

Santa Fe College in Gainesville is a place to expand the boundaries of knowledge without leaving the borders of home. Santa Fe has several ways for students to conveniently transport themselves farther into their field of study. For example, Santa Fe now offers several four-year bachelors degrees along with their dozens of two-year associate degrees. Other educational tracks include career and technical certificate and degree programs, and continuing education programs designed specifically for those in the workforce. Santa Fe has six different campuses throughout Alachua and Bradford counties, three of which are in Gainesville, and some services are online as well. Santa Fe also boasts close bonds with the University of Florida, so students can easily transfer from one school to the other. By ranking first in Florida in graduation rates among public colleges, and by entering the national Top 10 list for number of associate degrees awarded in liberal arts, Santa Fe has made its name known as a school that is all about getting out into the world.


State University:

University of Florida

South Pointe is lucky to have what many consider to be the best university in Florida right down the road. The University of Florida is definitely one of the top universities in the country in many respects, and it is one of Florida’s most venerated intellectual treasures. Gainesville welcomed the university in 1906, and after more than one hundred years, the state’s oldest university is now one of the nation’s largest, as UF is home to nearly fifty thousand students a year. The university has options within options of degree programs and classes to choose from to map out a focused academic career. With 16 colleges and over 150 research centers and institutes, it is a very diversified instructional institution, and it certainly demonstrates a comprehensive commitment to exceptional higher education. The University of Florida is regularly coming out with new things, and students from South Pointe could easily be among them.


Religious School:

The Rock School

The Rock School is a private educational center of Christian faith serving the grade levels of preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school. The Rock has been providing an excellent academic education in a small, safe, family-oriented environment for twenty years since opening as an extension of the ministry of The Rock of Gainesville church body in 1993. Approximately 280 students are currently enrolled at The Rock School. The demographics include an almost equal distribution of male and female students, and white, black, Hispanic, Asian, and other ethnicities are all represented, with international students contributing 11% of the population due to a reputable international boarding program. The Rock also represents a number of bodies of faith in the Gainesville area, with Methodist, Greek Orthodox, Presbyterian, Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, and other types of churches spoken for with attending students. The Rock School wants to address the spiritual, emotional, and mental needs of children; therefore, a Biblical worldview is integrated into every subject area, chapel services are held to bring the whole school together in worship, and counseling is available to ensure deep and genuine character development in each student.

Rock School is a Christian school near South Pointe Gainesville

Private School:

Oak Hall School

The mission statement of Oak Hall School states, “Preparing students for ethical leadership in a global society.” At Oak Hall School, 83 faculty members commit to upholding that mission for the 827 students enrolled there. The school is divided into the Lower School (grades PreK-5), which focuses on fluency in fundamental skills; the Middle School (grades 6-8), where students receive serious exposure to the liberal arts at a regulated pace, and the Upper School (grades 9-12), which is entirely college preparatory and offers Advanced Placement, honors, and elective courses. The student to teacher ration of Oak Hall averages 10:1, so teachers not only have the chance to attentively address the success of every student’s personal education, but also build into each individual important moral traits such as honesty, integrity, tolerance, kindness, and good manners, an opportunity that follows the goals of the Character Education program, which is foundational to the Oak Hall curriculum. Oak Hall dedicates itself the positive growth of the whole child and deeply values maintaining a sense of community in the school, in Gainesville, and in the world.


Grade A Schools near a Grade A Community

As you can see, the Gainesville area around South Pointe is well stocked with excellent schools for all educational levels. We hope that you continue to study up on the area around South Pointe, and if you have any questions, please contact us for more information about our community. Make the smart decision for you and your family by choosing South Pointe New Homes Community of Gainesville.

Tioga Town Center

Tioga Town Center : Gainesville, FL Fun!

One reason why residents love living in the South Pointe community is its amazing central location. South Pointe new homes are literally built in one of the most convenient areas in the heart of Gainesville, FL.

First off the South Pointe community is less than 1.5 miles to Tioga Town Center, one of the coolest places to hang out and visit in Gainesville, FL. Tioga Town Center has a sweet tucked away and easy-to-get-to location right down Newberry Road.

Tioga Town Center logo.

Tioga Town Center Shopping & Recreation

Our homeowners enjoy how Tioga Town Center’s contemporary award-winning architecture and design layout are delightful and engaging to explore. Paved with pedestrian and family friendly sidewalks and streetscapes there’s a consumer friendly harmonious flow to the 80,000+ sq ft center. South Pointe residents love calling South Pointe home and taking advantage of Tioga Town Center highlights year round. Tioga Town Center embraces a fascinating infusion of:

  • Resort style hangouts and a big city urban vibe
  • Classy retail office space
  • Modern pre-school
  • Variety of shops and boutiques
  • Assortment of restaurants
  • World-renowned 25,000-square-foot fitness center
  • Coffee shops
  • Salons and spas
  • Covered amphitheater with outdoor seating
  • Year round charities and special events such as Tioga Monday Market, movie nights, children’s fair, jazz concerts, art festivals, and a variety of sports-related events

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